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Unable to choose a value over 1,000 and choose a color you want


I like tracking my progress. This app is a great tool!

Almost great

1) can’t have more than one graph over lapping(ex. Two lines on one line graph to compare things) 2) can’t chose color, I know you can randomly press the button in the bottom right and hope you get the right color, but a much simpler color chart would be so much easier These two problems being solved would make your chart app the simplest one there is, while still allowing you to have full control.

For Mainly Pie Charts: 2-Stars

Really poor labeling for circular charts. All the text labels end up being totally different font sizes when the word for the labels are different lengths. Pie charts are what I need from this app 3/4 of the time. Tested on iPhone 8 w/ iOS 11.x

Too simple

No ability to access negative numbers on the graphs and 10,000 is the max

Only allows 10 data points

Would be an easy to use tool if it just allowed for more data. Good for simple charts though.

Great, except...

This app is great and I love it, it’s very easy to use and it’s exactly what I want, the only thing is that it crashed once and I had to start over but besides that it’s awesome. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND😃👍

Nice, easy graph but....

I need to be able to show two lines in one graph for comparison rather than create two graphs, and display them side by side. If this app could do that it would be perfect!!

Simple, Clean Design and User-Friendly Interface

I was searching high and low for a charting app that was both effective and aesthetically pleasing (perhaps not important for all, but you have to admit it doesn't hurt!). This app definitely delivers. I love it and can't imagine using anything else. I do wish there was an option to show the full label on different points (if over a certain number of characters it will put "..." between the first letters and last. But that's not such a big deal that it would impact the score I give it. TL;DR: it's great

Very limited in function

Designed well. However doesn't do much. I wanted to do something as simple as plot two line graphs on top of each other and it doesn't support. Will have to remove.

Keeps changing my numbers

Though it was a nice app but whenever I enter data for a bar chart, all bars have the same height disregarding my decimals (I did set the setting to decimals). Useless like that.

Thank you

Nice app

Weird and Awesome?

A lot is fantastically intuitive. You should be able to "get" this app in a matter of seconds. It has some odd quirks though, like having to cycle through colors rather than pick your favorite.

Super easy, fun app

Sure, the features are simple and limited. But it works predictably and elegantly, huge variety of clip art, and it is fun to make images. 5 stars!

Not enough color choices!

Although it's a really great app (especially since I have to create statistics mods for yearbook and it would be perfect for power points) but it only lets you choose from limited colors. I wish you could decide what color you want instead of given a set of colors that aren't what I want.

Surprisingly great app!

So easy to use and customize. Saves a lot of time. 5 stars for sure. Thanks!

Great & Simple

This does one thing, creates basic charts. It does that one thing very very well. I just wish I could have 2 lines on a graph, then it would be perfect.

I was pumped when I found this

Ive been looking for something like this for awhile! The platform is easy and great my only problem is I cant make charts go up to a 1,000,000. This is s huge limit for me.

About time

About time that someone made a simplistic charting/graphing application


Very simple effective app that makes it easy to make bite sized graphics. Well done. Love the picture feature especially.

I need an enagaging clipart for my mac now

please make this on OSX to it would make my presentations so much better

Very nice

Well designed and easy to use.

Honestly my dream come true!

This app is literally everything for a charting geek such as myself. THANKS SO MUCH! THIS APP SHOULD BE PROMOTED

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